About the Courses/Kits

Training Courses/Kits for Purchase

Great for Training, great for Reference!


Who are the courses/kits for?

The self-instructional technical training courses/kits are designed for employees working in various industries. Customers say that the courses/kits are great for training new employees and that their experienced employees use the courses/kits for refresher training and reference because they gain practical and useful knowledge.

What is a course/kit?

Each self-instructional technical training course/kit is competency-based and consists of three to five parts:

  • self-instructional training module and self-check (multiple-choice questions and answers)
  • multiple-choice knowledge check and answer key
  • blank answer sheet
  • checklists for performing tasks
  • exercise
  • job aids

How is the course/kit used?

Each self-instructional technical training course/kit is in electronic format. Employees can

  • study the content on the computer
  • print a color copy
  • under the direction of a coach, practice performing the tasks

Are the courses/kits a good buy?

Useful and practical training: Field supervisors and manufacturers made suggestions for the content; they know the issues most important to the job and best practices. The training courses/kits improve job performance because issues such as safety, work efficiency, equipment reliability, product quality, cost control, and waste management are integrated into the courses/kits. The courses/kits also address reasons, causes, and consequences so that employees can be more effective at doing their jobs and can make better decisions.

Easy to learn: HDC uses a rigorous instructional design process to develop the courses/kits.

  • the training is targeted to operators and maintenance people
  • the content is presented clearly, concisely, and logically
  • the illustrations are easy to follow and support the text
  • employees can assess their own learning

These courses/kits are great for Training, great for Reference!
See some of our Customer Comments about the courses/kits.

Cost-effective training: For each course/kit, HDC Human Development Consultants Ltd. grants a license to the buyer. You can purchase a single user license, site license, or corporate license. We offer major discounts for large purchases. For large purchases, the price of a course/kit can be less than $2.00 an employee. Please call us at (780) 463-3909 for more information.

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How do I buy the courses/kits?

Place your order from this web site. Go to List of Training Courses/Kits. Click on a course/kit title to get detailed information about the course/kit, a list of training objectives, the table of contents, and a sample.

To get the courses/kits, you have the choice of:

  • downloading the files from this web site
  • having the files shipped to you on a CD (additional charge)

You will receive PDF files for each course/kit. The course/kit is electronically stamped identifying the type of license and the purchaser.

To view and print the files, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The reader can be downloaded from Adobe's site at no cost.

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