The HDC Affiliate Program

Earn 10% in referral fees

Become an Affiliate of a reliable company


Training Kit Licenses

Over the past 20 years HDC has spent a great deal of time listening to what our customers want. HDC has now provided the opportunity for companies like yours to join the affiliate referral program. By simply registering and qualifying as an affiliate, your clients can easily access our high quality Training Kits.

Identifying practical training is an excellent way of building useful relationships that will better serve your clients. What better way to earn extra revenue for your company than pairing up with HDC, a company that has a history and reputation for quality programs and professionalism. Click on Customer Comments to learn what others have to say about the kits.

HDC sells licenses to purchasers to download Training Kit files. Each kit is comprised of a self-instructional module plus additional resources such as knowledge tests, procedures, exercises, and job aids where practical. The purchasers can use the training resources on computers and/or print paper copies.

The following information summarizes key features of HDC’s Affiliate program for promoting and selling Training Kits. Refer to the Affiliate Agreement for official wording.


You will earn 10% of the sale (not including taxes) of Training Kit licenses to each purchaser that you refer to HDC’s website. Should that purchaser make additional purchases of kits in the following 45 days, HDC will pay referral commission fees to the Affiliate that received the commission initiating the 45-day period. A specific log-in code is assigned to each purchaser so that sale referrals can be tracked.

For each Affiliate, all referral sales are tracked and posted on HDC’s site. You are given a log-in code to view your account.


Payment of commissions greater than $50.00 Canadian will be made monthly. If your monthly account is less than $50.00 Canadian, the balance will be carried over to the following month. HDC will pay referral commissions quarterly (calendar year) for your account less than $50.00.

Affiliate Qualifications

A company, not-for-profit organization, or individual can apply to be an affiliate. All Affiliate applications are reviewed for suitability. Examples of unsuitable sites include, but are not limited to, sites that promote discrimination based on sex, religion, race, or age, or portray sexually explicit materials. Refer to the Affiliate Agreement for a more extensive list of unsuitable sites.

Linking to HDC’s Site

Upon approval of your application, you will have access to text and banners posted on HDC’s site that you can use on your website to promote referrals. Appropriate links to HDC’s site will be attached to the text and/or graphics. HDC’s site will also list you as an Affiliate.

Affiliate Agreement

To become an affiliate, read the Affiliate Agreement and complete the Affiliate Application form. All applicants will be reviewed within six days to determine suitability. HDC reserves the right to accept or reject the application.

Proceed below to the Affiliate Agreement and the Affiliate Application form.